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CENTURY 2400 Welding Robotic Cell


  • Compact equipment that is easily transported and allocated inside the manufacturing plant.
  • Only one (01) loading/ unloading stations, which saves space.
  • It has a high-speed rotating table that rotates in about seven (07) seconds, ensuring high productivity and time optimization.
  • Rotating table controlled by the robot.
  • 3-years warranty on the robot
  • TAWERS System - exclusive feature from Panasonic that integrates the welding power source and the controller.

Technical Specifications

Robot Model TM 1400 Panasonic
Workstations 02
Welding area 700 x 1300mm
Total size of cell *L: 4500 W: 2100 H: 2100 WH: 1000 HF: 700mm
Load Capacity per station 500 KG
Technical Standards NR10, NR12, NR 17

* L: Length W: Width H: Height WH: Work Height HF: Height from Floor