The Panasonic TM 1400 Welding Robot combines the existing benefits of Panasonic’s TA and TB systems. The new mechanism allows the torch to be used both internally and externally, as required by the application.
Due to the high speed used in each of the six axes, the TM 1400 is currently considered the fastest welding robot in the world.
The TM 1400 can be equipped with the TAWERS System, which fully integrates the power source and controller. Another differential is the Weld Navigation System, which allows easy welding parameterization.
The TAWERS and Weld Navigation Systems are unique technologies that Panasonic offers to the world market.


Degrees of freedom:

6 Eixos

Load Capacity:



+/- 0,08 mm

Axis Speed:

RT 225°/s UA 225°/s FA 225°/s RW 425°/s BW 425°/s TW 629º/s

Axis Drive System:

Servo Motor

Maximum Accessible Workspace:

1413 mm

Minimum Accessible Workspace:

404 mm