Highly qualified technicians serve your company

One of our services is Corrective Maintenance, where we have highly qualified technicians to serve your company in an agile way in all regions of the country, aiming to minimize downtime, not measuring efforts to solve any problem that may compromise the performance of your equipment.

In the Preventive Maintenance service, we closely monitor the operation of your robotic cell, ensuring excellence during the automated cutting and welding processes.

In order for your cell to keep operating fully, it is necessary to perform maintenance periodically. We have developed an After-Sales System aimed at continuous monitoring with checkpoints in all compartments of the cell and the welding robot. So you always get the most out of your robotic cell.

In preventive maintenance, more than 140 items are verified through a detailed checklist, which has an accurate and effective diagnosis. Check out the advantages:

Scheduled service

Decreased robotic cell downtime

Increase in equipment life

Increase in machine time availability

Maintenance of the equipment with its original characteristics