All robotic welding processes require highly qualified operators. With this in mind, Powermig offers several training and professional qualification options, whether it’s for our customers or third-party professionals. Check out our training:

Robot Programming

This course is suitable for people with any level of experience in handling welding robots. All content is with practical and easy to understand methodology, which allows students to practice and simulate all possible programming needs.

In Company

The emphasis on practice-based learning is part of our philosophy. Students develop their knowledge through a series of exercises and simulations where they can practice and apply each of the course topics, practical and theoretical content.

Basic Operation

Our courses have a strong emphasis on robot and teach pendant activities. All this time of practical activities allows students to practice and simulate with greater complexity the conditions of their work environment.

Advanced Operation

The focus of this training is on programming and operating the specific hardware and software features of Panasonic robots. Customers have the option of customizing this training program to focus more on topics of greatest interest.

Basic Maintenance

The training reinforces the importance of preventive maintenance while providing the skills necessary to be able to locate and resolve problems quickly, minimizing downtime that leads to financial losses.