It has a firm, light and comfortable structure, which provides greater comfort to the welder. In addition to that, it still maintains a constant wire feed during the welding process.


Consumables: All consumables and spare parts are manufactured under strict quality protocols, ensuring optimal component performance and high torch durability.

Torch neck: Robust and with high resistance to collisions, the torch neck operates at different angles, according to the chosen model.

Support hook: An optional item, very simple to install and which allows operators to fix the torch in safe and easily accessible points.

Power cable: Hyperflex air-cooled welding cables offer incredible flexibility, with very high resistance to different levels of temperature and abrasion.

Euro Connector: Supplied with retractable contact pins, which protect the connection and are anti-breakage.

Rear support spring: Extra long spring, which ensures constant, resistance-free wire feed at any weld angle.

Back support kit: Robust and crash-resistant, the components that make up the set are made from fiberglass reinforced polymers, protecting all energy-carrying components, in accordance with EN60974-7, CE and CCC standards.


Cooling method:


Range CO²:

air cooled

Range misturas Ar/CO²:


Work cycle:




Check out the complete specifications for each model, as well as replacement parts and consumables.