The new generation of Albany Machine Guard Doors offers significant improvements such as being easy to maintain. Two-part aluminum side frames provide easy access for inspection and maintenance.

In combination with the Albany MCC control system, a pre-race photocell is available as an option. It provides more comfort and greater closing speed. The electrical safety contact edge and pre-race photocell cables are guided in cable chains inside the side frame.

It is capable of up to 5 cycles per minute. Thanks to its design and small number of parts, the Albany RP300 is robust, reliable and easy to install. It allows for short cycle times and it can be installed on machines, production lines and security fences. The roller door can be installed at a short distance from the machine due to its stable and wind load resistant door curtains, which also protect against direct pressure.


The side frames are made of two aluminum profiles. The front cover can be easily removed and allows easy access for inspection and maintenance. Integrated safety limit switches connect the door to the machine. As an option, transparent covers on the front of the safety limit switches make it easy to inspect them.


For use in welding systems, we recommend using RollTex® or NomaTex® curtains to protect against sparks. Optional anti-UV welding windows complying with EN 1598 are also available. Side mounted wind guides reduce the internal curvature of the door blade.


• Door with quick opening and closing, it can work in operations of up to 5 cycles per minute.
• High reliability even after years of continuous use.
• Safety switches and limit switches complying with EN ISO 13849-1 and EN 62061.
• Complete door in compliance with EN ISO 12100 and EN ISO 1411 standards.