The PowerPulse Equipment Line delivers excellent performance in welding carbon steel and stainless steel, reaching minimum levels of spatter with short-circuit transfer at low currents. A big differentiator is the Root Welding feature, which is ideal for root pass welding and filling gaps up to 8mm, this feature is native. The Deepen feature ensures penetration in heavy plate welding and is widely used for root pass and high material deposition applications.

A wide variety of optional software packages expand the equipment’s capabilities to ensure the highest quality welding of special alloys and specific processes.

It is also possible to customize and develop specific welding curves to meet the specific needs of each customer. The integrated IoT module together with the analog and digital interface ports also allow the PowerPulse to be installed in automatic and robotic welding applications.

The main Welding modes are: carbon steel 100%CO2, CO2/AR, Pulsed Welding, Stainless Steel and Tubular Wire.


– Low splatter rate
– Great performance with CO² gas
– Energy saving with inverter system
– Insulated air tunnel
– Memory for 100 programs
– 2-stroke and 4-stroke activation
– Modes: continuous, point and multipoint
– 2 year-warranty
– Full digital system
– Root Weld function (GAP)


– Automotive
– Transport
– Naval
– Heavy equipment
– Agricultural


Model PowerPulse 350 PowerPulse 500
Applicable materials
Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Voltage/current adjustment
Output current range
10-350 A
50-500 A
Output voltage range
15,5 - 31,5 Vdc
14 – 34 Vdc
60% work cycle
Pulse on: 350A - 60% / Pulse off: 350A - 60%
Pulse on: 400A - 60% / Pulse off: 500A - 60%
100% work cycle
Pulse on: 270A - 100% / Pulse off: 270A - 100%
Pulse on: 360A - 100% / Pulse off: 400A - 100%

Check the full technical specifications of the PowerPulse welder.